A First Look At The Overwatch Anniversary Event 2020

A First Look At The Overwatch Anniversary Event 2020

Blizzard Entertainment has been adjusting Overwatch-related events since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The latest event to be cancelled is the Overwatch tournament in South Korea. Blizzard, now looking for alternative dates to host the biggest events of the year, teased fans about the upcoming Overwatch Anniversary 2020 event. The annual tradition might finally begin next month and the Overwatch Bitcoin betting markets will be on its feet once again.

Probable Schedule And Activities

It’s worth noting that Blizzard followed a strict schedule on the previous Anniversary and Archives events. Since the Archives already started in March—earlier than expected, the Anniversary event might proceed as usual in May despite the pandemic. The historical timeline is as follows:

Anniversary 2019 : May 21st – June 10th
Anniversary 2018 : May 22nd – June 11th
Anniversary 2017 : May 23rd – June 12th

Archives 2017 (Uprising) : April 11th – May 2nd
Archives 2018 (Retribution) : April 10th – April 30th
Archives 2019 (Storm Rising) : April 16th – May 6th
Archives 2020 : March 12th – April 2nd

Regardless of the schedule, Blizzard Entertainment will surely do everything in its power to hold the annual event. The Anniversary event has become a tradition in the Overwatch community. With that, Overwatch fans and players can look forward to more special items and activities this year.

The Overwatch Archives 2020 event featured three weeks’ worth of gaming content, loot boxes, and new skins or cosmetic rewards. The Anniversary event is set to feature some popular content from the Archives and offer items double the amount released last March.

Post-seasonal Legendary and Epic skins are some of the Anniversary bestsellers up to this date, so players are encouraged to watch out for easter eggs to make the most out of their experience. Some predictions from fans claim that Blizzard might release the full 2020 Archives, mini events, new heroes, summer games, new maps, crossover skins, and mini regional events based on the previous Anniversary releases.

The Overwatch Anniversary 2020 event is set to last for a month. It welcomes Overwatch players from different platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Although there’s no specific date for the event yet, players can also wait for the release of Overwatch 2 in the meantime. Blizzard promised to release the second version of the game this 2020.