Blizzard To Introduce Overwatch Competitive Open Queue

Blizzard To Introduce Competitive Open Queue In Overwatch

While the third season of the Overwatch League is ongoing, Blizzard Entertainment continuously tracks down loopholes and errors in Overwatch’s current gameplay. To address these issues, the dev team releases a new class concept that may completely and permanently revamp role queue.

Since Blizzard released Overwatch 2-2-2 Role Lock last year, players have been trying to maximize the use of the feature to improve the queue times of the game, especially for DPS players.

This year, Blizzard found a solution to improve it, but it requires the creation of a new in-game role. Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan revealed that the Overwatch’s Competitive Open Queue will be a permanent mode alongside Role Queue in 2020:

“We are going to work very quickly, as quickly as we can, to bring back another shortened arcade version of Competitive Open Queue that will go live sometime in June, we’re thinking mid-June, but don’t hold me exactly to that date. Then, in early July when Season 23, the normal Competitive Season starts, Competitive Open Queue will now become an official mode that will be supported alongside the Role Queue.”

The Competitive mode and the Role Open Queue heavily affects the Tank and DPS players. In the General Discussion section of Blizzard Entertainment’s official website, players, led by user GreyFalcon, listed down the downsides and upsides of the new system for different types of players:


  • Bruiser players will add to the DPS queue.
  • Can’t put two Bruiser-preferred players on the same team.
  • Only 4 BarrierTanks hero choices for Tank players.


  • 50% less Tanks needed per round.
  • 50% more DPS per round.
  • Can buff BarrierTanks a lot without worrying about DoubleBarrier or DoubleOffTank.
  • More than 1 worthwhile Barrier Tank besides Reinhardt.

The Competitive Open Queue will not only affect the different types of players in each game and the meta that might swing Bitcoin overwatch odds markets, but also the regions where Overwatch is played. In South Korea, Competitive Open Queue in Arcade is the second most popular mode being played right now. They can easily adjust to the upcoming changes mentioned by Jeff Kaplan. In North America, however, Competitive Open Queue is less popular than Mystery Heroes and Workshop modes in the game browser. The new system will surely receive mixed reviews from North American players.