Coming Up With Accurate Overwatch Predictions

Making Overwatch predictions is one of the hardest things to do when betting online. It’s difficult to predict the result of the matches because you’re not a fortune-teller. But what if I tell you that there are ways to somehow accurately predict the results of these matches?

Watch Out for Overwatch’s Upcoming Matches

You can’t accurately make Overwatch betting predictions if you don’t have a match to predict. We advise you to choose an Overwatch League match based on the knowledge you have about it. If you can, look for the best 3-5 matches a week. It usually starts every Thursday and ends on Sunday. The best matches would be among the teams with the highest positions in the leaderboard or power rankings.

Gauge The Money You’re Willing To Bet

Your money is your weapon in the gambling scene, apart from your luck and skills, of course. You have to stretch it as much as possible because gambling is risky if you haven’t mastered the art of betting yet. Know when and how much to bet, know which team and which map deserves your money.

Observing The Competing Teams

Whether it’s the underdog or the favored team, you need to be fair in making evaluations. The favored team is popular because of their track records and number of supporters, while the underdog are often described by many as the weaker team. But there are times that the underdog upset the rankings by surprising everyone with their newfound determination; such as the case of Toronto  London Spitfire and Vancouver Titans.

Go Over The Statistics

Aside from the team itself, also check the statistics given by the Overwatch League. The power rankings would be helpful, but also read the wins and losses these teams had prior to the match, as well as the estimated number of kills and damage per second of each player.

Calculate Your Odds

Online sportsbooks are not always reliable when it comes to odds. They may be credible, but not reliable. Remember that they are also after the money—the profit, just like you. So don’t fall victims to the odds they have provided for upcoming Overwatch matches and when making Overwatch predictions. You will see that there’s an underdog and a favored team every match; this is because of the bettors placing more bets than the favored team. The more bets placed on the team, the higher the odds. Calculate your own by using databases containing betting predictions and information about the teams competing.