Lone Star Challenge: Dallas Fuel vs Houston Outlaws

Lone Star Challenge: Dallas Fuel vs Houston Outlaws

The Overwatch League season 3 is in progress and is one of the prevailing events in esports gambling sites, but the major tournament isn’t stopping Houston Outlaws and Dallas Fuel from concluding the Lone Star Challenge (a.k.a the Battle of Texas), and determining the best Overwatch team in the state.

Blizzard Entertainment approved and supported the regional, non-OWL tournament between the rivalry teams. Giant brands Samsung, H-E-B, Favor, Jack Link’s, Zenni Gaming, and Acer’s Predator gaming line then agreed to sponsor the event. The handling of the entire tournament, however, was left to the Texan OWL franchises.

Lori Burgess, COO of Beasley Esports and the Houston Outlaws, spearheaded the Lone Star Challenge. In a press release, Burgess acknowledged the participation of Dallas Fuel and the effect of the pandemic to the video gaming industry:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the Dallas Fuel and Tegna’s Texas Stations during this Pandemic to bring fresh sports competition and entertainment back to our fans and TV viewers. Video gaming is hotter than ever and professional esports are taking center stage this month in Texas with the 1st Annual LoneStar Showdown. New fans can expect a battle worthy of champions.”

The three-week and ongoing Lone Star Challenge is the first of its kind. It features weekly team competitions between Houston Outlaws and Dallas Fuel, which makes up for Bitcoin Overwatch odds today.  The weekly tournament formats are as follows:

Series of one-vs-one bouts
Three-vs-three matches
Traditional 6-vs-6 grudge match

The broadcasted competitions are backed by behind-the-scenes TV docuseries published every Saturday on YouTube until May 23. The series narrates the lives of professional Overwatch athletes and coaches with a strong emphasis on the world of professional-level and elite-level gaming.

The Rivalry

Houston Outlaws and Dallas Fuel are two of the most successful franchises in the Overwatch League. They are also the founding organizations of Overwatch’s city-based competitive scene. Ever since the league was established, there’s been a tight rivalry between these teams from Texas.

In the Lone Star Challenge, Dallas Fuel already secured two series. But Houston Outlaws still have a chance to clinch the title in the succeeding matches. In the Overwatch League, Dallas Fuel recently lost to the Paris Eternal, while Houston Outlaws has a stable record.