Open Queue Game Mode Goes Live On Overwatch Season 23

Open Queue Game Mode Goes Live On Overwatch Season 23

The anticipated Open Queue mode is now live in Overwatch’s competitive play, Blizzard Entertainment announced this week. The new tournament mode is part of the game’s 23rd season and functions as an alternative for Competitive Open Queue, which was received differently across the globe.

Overwatch is available in different countries and on different platforms. For a time, Competitive Open Queue became one of the most common game modes among players. However, Blizzard Entertainment recently found out that it’s more popular in South Korea than it is in America and other regions. More than that, it’s not appealing to certain player roles. Open Queue, meanwhile, works on all types of player roles, regardless of the region. It allows players to face opponents in rotating non-standard game modes.

Michael Heiberg, the principal game designer of Overwatch, said that their decision to add Open Queue to competitive play was inspired by the success of the game mode in the Arcade:

“We were looking at how popular Quick Play Classic has been, and we wondered how successful an open queue alternative for Competitive would be. The Open Queue format attracts more damage players than tanks or supports, which draws them out of Role Queue and helps balance out the roles there.”

About Open Queue

Open Queue allows players to play their favorite heroes without limits. It also gives multiple players a chance to team up using different compositions from the 2 Tank/2 Damage/2 Support makeups in the Role Queue. But unlike Role Queue, players don’t have to select a game role before joining. They simply need to choose any hero from any class during a match. This setup opens more opportunities for teams to try other strategies.

During the Open Queue mode, the Skill Rating (SR) earned in the game will be separate from the SRs earned in Role Queue. So, players have to earn two different levels of SRs if they wish to play both modes.

Overwatch‘s Season 23 will run until September 4, 2020. Expect top Bitcoin Overwatch betting odds to come your way. Competitive players have over two months to improve their SRs in both game modes. Open Queue could return in the next season if it receives positive feedback.