Overwatch ACE Championship To Feature Asia-Pacific Talents

Overwatch ACE Championship To Feature Asia-Pacific Talents

The third season of the Overwatch League 2020 is about to come to an end, but we can still expect exciting matches from Overwatch 2020 ACE Championship, a new tournament that features Asia’s best esports talents. This will fill the Overwatch Bitcoin betting odds void left by Overwatch League 2020 in the meantime.

The event is organized by AKG Games, a game publisher in Indonesia and Blizzard Entertainment’s official partner for its esports endeavors in Asia. AKG Games already hosted Blizzard’s regional events in Asia, such as the Hearthstone Elite Series Indonesia and Hearthstone Elite Series Philippines.

Overwatch 2020 ACE Championship will feature Asia-Pacific-based teams from Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Timor-Leste, Macao, Myanmar, Philippines, and Thailand. The $100,000 prize pool, which is up for grabs for dominating teams, is funded by Activision Blizzard Esports.

Semi-professional and professional teams are welcome to join the first and second qualifier rounds of the event. Registration is now open on AKG Games’ BattleFy page and will run until August 17, 2020. The qualifier starts on Saturday, August 22 at 11:00 AM, and will feature 6v6 matches. All participants can access the tournament’s rulebook here.

The official Overwatch ACE Championship tournament period is from September to October 2020, which also means that the top Overwatch bet review brands on BetOverwatch.eu are likely to have these markets available for betting as well. The organizer hasn’t revealed the exact dates yet, but Overwatch fans in Asia and around the world can start streaming the Overwatch ACE Championship playoffs on October 3 to 4, 2020 at AKG’s YouTube channel or at Overwatch Twitch channel. Highlights from the Overwatch ACE Open Qualifier and Overwatch ACE Group Stage will also be uploaded on AKG’s YouTube channel.

Prize Pool Distribution

Unlike other esports tournaments, Overwatch ACE Championship will give minor and major cash prizes to all participants from the group stage and grand finals. While the game is going on, participating teams can earn prizes based on their standings.

Group Stage (Total: $50,000)

1st Place – $18,000
2nd Place – $9,000
3rd Place – $ 6,000
4th Place – $5,000
5th Place – $3,500
6th Place- $3,500
7th Place – $2,500
8th Place- $2,500

Grand Finals (Total: $50,000)

Champion – $25,000
2nd Place – $12,000
3rd Place- $7,500
4th Place – $ 5,000