Overwatch Betting Sites

The first person shooter (FPS) video game Overwatch has reached over 30 million players worldwide after just a few months of its release in 2016. Critics and gamers alike commended the game’s diverse hero characters, engaging storyline, and bright art styles. As a result of this success, Bitcoin Overwatch betting sites emerged globally.

Many Sportsbooks marketed the game and made it available for betting. They’re rolling in because it’s obvious that esports is the future of the online betting community.


Our role is to help you find the Sportsbook that suits you the best, so we narrowed down all the pointers to remember to find the best platform before you start betting on Overwatch.

Website and Navigation

The layout and the visual design visibility are the first two points you need to check when finding the right Overwatch betting sites. Just think of it as your first impression of a person. All the useful information must be readily available for you on the homepage, the layout should help focus your attention on what to do next, the icons and graphics should be concrete and familiar, and the color and text combination must be pleasing and readable. Remember that the website should spark a lasting impression on you. Hence, it must be user-friendly.

Software and Selection

The software provides the selection, and the selection determines the odds. After checking if the site is user-friendly, immediately check all the selection of games available on the website and who provides those games. The software provider must be well-known to the industry and has a good reputation for providing high-quality games. The selection must be wide so you could have huge Bitcoin Overwatch odds and lots of options where to wager your money on.

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Bonuses and Promotions

Reward systems and incentive programs motivate people, so find the most generous sportsbooks that can give you overflowing bonuses and promotions. Welcome bonuses are the most common giveaways for new users. It’s best if you look for Overwatch gambling sites with 50 to 100% bonuses, or even offers free bets. Always check the sports or esports section if they have fixed or regular promotions available for all types of payment methods, especially bitcoins.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Check if the site accepts the most-preferred payment methods such as bitcoins (or any type of eWallets that can do conversions), fiat currencies, major credit and debit cards, and bank transfers. It would be great if they can accommodate all. Aside from the wide options of payment methods, also verify if they have lightning fast and withdrawals and low transaction fees.


In the end, the choice is still up to you. But these pointers would surely help you find reliable Overwatch betting sites that could make your stay worthwhile. Do not settle for anything less. Learn from the popular Overwatch icon D.Va when she says “I play to win”.