Overwatch Bitcoin Betting

Bitcoin and esports are the power duo of online betting sites in this generation. For some, they even consider the two as their bread and butter. But when the Overwatch World Cup was introduced in 2016, the power duo became a power trio and gave birth to Overwatch Bitcoin betting.

Overwatch is a relatively new virtual game and esports and yet many consider it as the next big thing. The esports community has been growing day by day. It gathers more interest with the emergence of new and exciting games. This is the reason for the emergence of Bitcoin overwatch betting across online sportsbooks. Keep in mind that the nature of Bitcoin is completely different from betting with traditional currencies.


In Overwatch Bitcoin betting, you’re free as a bird. Here, you have wings like Mercy—a Support character in Overwatch that wears a Valkyrie suit. You get all of your winnings to yourself. No one can freeze your account thanks to Bitcoin’s decentralization No government can force you to pay taxes and no banks can charge you any transaction fee. Are you ready for unrestrained Overwatch Bitcoin betting odds to come your way?

Like Mei-Ling Zhou, a Defense character in Overwatch, you can protect your location with weather-altering devices. What we mean is you can be private and anonymous. Only you have access to your account. No personal information is put at risk here because Bitcoin wallets are exceptional when it comes to providing security.

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You can enjoy lightning fast transactions in every bet. Your withdrawals and deposits can be processed in a blink of an eye wherever you are in the world, from your neighbor to yours or from you to a citizen somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. You can feel like you’re in Symmetra’s teleporter pad in Overwatch, your bitcoins can travel swiftly from entry pad to exit pad.

With Bitcoin, you’re free from the likes of Sombra, an offense Overwatch character that hacks heroes temporarily to stop them from using their abilities or to simply make them useless. Bitcoin has the safest online transaction there is, your account is free from identity thieves or hackers. Your private keys, addresses, and winnings are safely hidden on your Bitcoin Wallet.


Overwatch Bitcoin betting is just like playing the game itself. You’re in the stage with the players and you play to win. Have the winning edge by improving your Overwatch Bitcoin betting predictions with the help of the Overwatch Bitcoin betting tips we have in store for you. More than that, you can further get close to the winning pick by employing Overwatch Bitcoin betting systems. What’s not to get excited about here?