Overwatch Bitcoin Betting Odds

Calculating your Overwatch Bitcoin betting odds will determine how much bitcoins you’ll win and how likely an outcome is going to happen. Most sportsbook readily provides the odds for the favored team and the underdog, and Bitcoin betting exchange sites gives you an additional peek on the “Back” and “Lay” bets’ odds. Do a Sportsbook shopping and always compare the odds they offer.

The calculation may seem confusing and complex at first glance, but if you’re really determined to take your place on Overwatch Bitcoin betting, you’ll understand that the process is easy.


The format of odds may depend on the country you live in, the Sportsbook you have chosen, or the game you wanted to place a bet. But the most common types are these two:

  • Decimal odds – simplest format for odds calculation, and used by most esports betting sites. You just have to multiply the amount you wish to bet by the Decimal odds posted on the Sportsbook. The result will already have your stake and your winnings.
  • Fractional odds – displayed as fractions and already shows you how much you will win on a bet. The denominator is the amount of money you have to bet to get the amount indicated on the numerator.


Overwatch Bitcoin Betting odds make use of Decimal odds to show you the possible amount you can get if you win. Let us show you this sample calculation of an Overwatch odd.

Type of bet: Match Winner

TEAM A: 1.500
TEAM B: 2.600

Match Winner is the most common type of bet on Overwatch because it’s quick and bettors would already know the result. In this example, Team B is the favored team, while Team A is the underdog. If you bet 3 BTC on Team B, the potential returns would be 7.8 BTC because:

Odds x Stake = potential return
2.600 x 3 BTC = 7.8 BTC

To calculate your profit, you just have to subtract the amount you wagered from your potential return, your profit is 4.8 BTC.

If you bet 2 BTC on Team B and they won, your potential returns would be 2.5 BTC, and your profit would be 0.5 BTC.

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Manipulate your bets and always expect odds shift to make accurate Overwatch Bitcoin betting predictions. Your Overwatch Bitcoin betting odds will depend on how good you are on strategizing and analyzing future repercussions. Odds calculation is not enough to bring you the ladder of success, our Overwatch Bitcoin betting tips and Overwatch Bitcoin betting systems could also help you.