Overwatch League Token Drop Returns On PC, Consoles

Overwatch League Token Drop Returns On PC, Consoles

Blizzard Entertainment announced the return of League Tokens on Overwatch League, following the launch of OWL Regional Tournaments in 2020. Players can earn the in-game currency for free by viewing live matches daily, and exchange them for special OWL skins or other cosmetic items.

Players who wish to participate and earn League Tokens for free need to have a licensed OWL app. They can create or log in to their Blizzard account on overwatchleague.com or in the Overwatch League app. With a registered account, here’s how the process works according to Overwatch League’s official blog post:

  • Earn five League Tokens for every hour spent on Overwatch League platforms viewing live matches.
  • Your viewing time is tracked continuously, so if you watch 30 minutes in one session and return later for another 30 minutes of viewing, you’ll get credit for that total accumulated hour.
  • Viewing time only accrues by watching live matches on the Overwatch League website (desktop and mobile), and on the Overwatch League mobile apps (iOS and Android).
  • League Tokens will be available in your Battle.net account after each completed hour of viewing.

League Tokens are compatible with all Overwatch game platforms on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. However, the promotion is not supported in China and other territories where the promo is void or restricted by law.

To redeem League Tokens and purchase in-game items, users must have a 1:1 licensed account. Xbox One, PlayStation4, or Nintendo Switch players must have their authentic Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, or Nintendo account linked to their official Battle.net account. One Blizzard account equals one platform account. Players can’t link the same console account to multiple Blizzard accounts to earn more rewards.

Aside from this special promotion, players can also get League Tokens by purchasing them via Blizzard’s online shop or through their console’s store. The tokens are available for $4.99 per 100 pieces. Most special skins cost 100 League Tokens, but limited-edition items are much more expensive.

Blizzard Entertainment announced the future expansion of the token drop promo to cater to more platforms, consoles, and territories. Visit the official website of the Overwatch League for more announcements.