Overwatch Player’s Custom Update On Echo Goes Viral

Overwatch Player’s Custom Update On Echo Goes Viral

Echo came out last April, and many Overwatch players enjoy her powers and abilities as a DPS. However, some players think that she might be destined for another role after complaints and even a short ban for the character. As such, Overwatch players and designers in Workshop creation are giving the relatively-new hero Echo the update she deserves.

In this re-imagined update from the Workshop, Echo stands out as one of the best shooters and support players in the game. The concept, which has gone viral and now available via custom game mode, was introduced by a Reddit user and skilled designer @jaydenye_jr.

Here are the details of the viral design and concept that might soon make its way into Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch dev department:

Primary Fire: Tri-shot

– Damage halved
– Projectile speed set to 500%
– Now has a knockback that is inverse to the distance between the target and Echo
– Ammo reduced to 4

Secondary Fire: Health Pack

– Shoots a health pack that sticks to surfaces
– Cleanses CC statuses on the application of initial healing
– Can also be used on Echo herself if the projectile has reached the surface
– Projectile will not heal full health targets; lasts for 2.5 seconds total
– Heals for 100HP, 50HP instantly and 50HP over 1 second
– Projectile speed is 40m/s

Ability 1: Flight

– Now has the ability to heal teammates in a 10m radius
– Heals only for the duration that Flight is active
– Maximum healing is 75HP

Ability 2: Hologram

– Targeted teammate chosen will be unkillable for 2 seconds
– If the target is killed during this time, the targeted teammate will be teleported in front of Echo, and healed for 100HP.

Ultimate: Duplicate

– Now only duplicates the target’s ultimate
– Has a 3 second grace period after using ultimates

The concept is available for everyone. Players can run a custom game and try playing Echo as a support player using the following Workshop code: G8ZQR. The custom game mode will apply jaydenye_jr’s new and tweaked hero abilities to Echo.

In other news, Blizzard Entertainment released a new Echo update that focuses on her Focusing Beam. The original Echo in the game had her Focusing Beam’s range reduced from 20 to 16 meters.