Overwatch Unveils All-Stars Skins For D.Va, Reinhardt

Overwatch Unveils All-Stars Skins For D.Va, Reinhardt

The Overwatch League is on its way to its third All-Star game, one of the most exciting side tournaments of the season. As part of the celebration, Blizzard Entertainment unveiled the prestigious All-Star 2020 skins for two of the community’s favorite tank heroes: Reinhardt and D.Va. Of course, you can expect the match odds to hit the top Overwatch betting sites as the event proves itself worthy of non-stop action and winning opportunities.

The skins will be available from September 19 to October 12, before the grand finals take place at the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. All-Stars Asia will take place on Saturday, September 26, followed by All-Stars North America on Saturday, October 3.

Both All-Star skins can be purchased using Overwatch League tokens stored in a valid Overwatch game license or account. Each skin costs 200 League Tokens. Fans and players can earn OWL tokens by watching live matches on the Overwatch League website, mobile site, and app. At press time, you can earn tokens by watching the playoffs, grand finals, and All-Star matches live. For faster token collection, you can purchase tokens through the Battlenet application.

All-Stars’ Reinhardt

Reinhardt, the scariest and sturdiest of the tanks in Overwatch, is going all natural in his All-Stars skin. Reinhardt’s newest premium skin is plant-based. He looks like an elemental hero who just survived a Black Forest Deathmatch battle and paid a forest homage in his new skin.

Reinhardt’s body is covered in wood and copper, so expect to see strong shades of green and brown. The details of his armor covering his chest and shoulders come alive with neon green highlights. Reinhardt’s hammer, as introduced in the trailer tweeted by OWL, looks like a giant branch with illuminating green crystals.

All Stars’ D.Va

The last time the community received a new skin for D.Va was a year ago at the Overwatch’s 2019 Anniversary event. The Celestial D.Va skin was well-loved by many, but her All-Star skin selection is on another level.

All Star’s D.Va skin represents the Asian region with its featured shades of blue, cream, and gold. She has a pilot silver hair and a large, blue bodysuit. Her MEKA is made out of marble with neon blue and elegant gold details, inlays, and accessories.