Turn Tips Into Money With Tipster Competition Promos

Whether you’re a tipster or an analyst, you can ultimately earn money out of esports betting. There are tipping sites and tipster competition promos that could help you earn money by just sharing your insights, predictions, and opinions. With that, let’s get to know the ways on how you can maximize your winnings.

Be An Official Tipster

You can be a Tipster in easy steps. Just find the best tipping sites offering tipster online competition promos. There are dedicated esports tipping sites for different titles, you just have to find your niche. There are hundreds of tipping sites in the Internet today catering to League of Legends, CS:GO, DotA 2, and Overwatch betting markets. All you have to do is make an account and handle them on a regular basis. So register on the tipping site, build your profile, and earn followers.

Master Different Esports And Expand Your Niche

If you have a particular esports that you’re more knowledgeable about, that’s good. But if you can cater to all the mainstream esports market, that’s even better. You can attract more readers and join many tipster online competition promos catering on mainstream matches like the Overwatch League, Overwatch World Cup, The International, and more.

Give Daily Tips To Readers

You can easily build your profile as a tipster if you will provide everyday tips to popular and upcoming esports matches. There are bettors who look for tips daily and weekly to have an accurate prediction before the matches, so make sure you serve them right and on time. These bettors prefer daily tips, so if you can’t provide that they will look for other consistent tipsters. You can provide daily matches by observing previous performances of the teams and by studying the upcoming tournament where these teams will compete.

Make Winning Tips

You can only gain followers and win tipster competitions if you can make consistent winning tips.  If you only offer losing tips, then no bettor would come running to you if you need help. Ultimately, you need to provide winning tips to help bettors make a profit and turn your betting tips into cash. To help you make more accurate matches since your tipping career progresses, organize your tips and record every tip you make. Analyze the results each week and make winning tips out of it. Once you’ve achieved this, you can join multiple tipster online competition promos.