What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the money of the internet — the millennial’s gold. Many have heard about it already, but understanding what is Bitcoin is not something all people bothered to do but they invest anyway. Thus, here it remains a relatively new phenomenon.

Since the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin in January 2009. Among the other uses of Bitcoin, it immediately became a useful financial instrument to online betting. Why? Because it can do everything your fiat currencies cannot do: It can hide your identity, it can give you freedom, it can yield profit-making opportunities.



Bitcoin guarantees anonymity because your personal information is not tied to your Bitcoin addresses and transactions.


Transactions made with Bitcoin are not being monitored by any central authority. It’s decentralized and it’s peer-to-peer. You won’t be facing banks, middlemen, and governments.


Bitcoin is becoming more and more valuable. With proper knowledge and a good investment, it can actually be a profit-making currency. When you use it, you don’t need to worry about bankruptcy and transaction fees.

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Learning how to buy bitcoins and how to sell bitcoins is of paramount importance. Bitcoins can be purchased from special ATMs nearby if there are any. But the easiest way is to find reliable Bitcoin-exchange sites where you can buy them using fiat currencies. Another way is the process of Bitcoin mining, but let’s leave that to computer experts since your most significant jobs are to understand what is Bitcoin and how to use it without complexities.

To avoid getting stolen and to actually use it, you must find the perfect storage for your currency by learning how to store bitcoins. A Bitcoin wallet lets you keep all the private keys, data, and addresses you need for transacting with people. The technology behind Bitcoin and its process is the blockchain—the public ledger where all cryptocurrency transactions are kept and recorded. It’s public so users can verify the transactions made. All the “blocks” in the chain are proof of every transaction made by an individual.


Learning what is Bitcoin is the stepping stone to esports betting, one of the biggest communities on the internet. This currency provides anonymity and freedom for millennials— the same people Overwatch targeted since its first release in 2016, that’s why taking chances on Bitcoin esports betting is your way to success. Get to know the Bitcoin Overwatch betting world even more. Explore its unique features such as Bitcoin betting exchange platforms and systems to make your betting experiences even more rewarding. There’s no shortage of exciting moments here. What are you waiting for? Get going and see what makes the Bitcoin and Overwatch combination unbeatable.