Bitcoin Betting Exchange

If you know the answer to the “What is Bitcoin and what can it do question”, then you know that it works wonders. But do you really think you have already discovered its full capacity? If your answer is no, then learn more about Bitcoin betting exchange.

Traditional sportsbooks allow you to bet on your chosen event or tournament, but you are competing against them — the sportsbook or the bookmaker itself, like a computer-generated opponent. If you lose, the winnings would be theirs. Bitcoin betting exchange, on the other hand, allows you to bet against a person — another bettor, and they could be anywhere in the world as long as you are competing against the same tournament; it’s an addition to the many uses of Bitcoin.


Bitcoin betting exchange sites give you total control and limitless options with your betting. Keep in mind that you still need the essentials like knowing how to store bitcoins, buy, and sell to enjoy the service of betting exchanges. It’s even more fun if you can set the conditions on Overwatch Bitcoin betting, isn’t? You can be like Tracer, the popular Overwatch character who has the ability to control her own time, allowing her to speed it up and slow it down at will.

The sportsbook you chose to bet on will only serve as a platform for the competition between you and the other competitor, no more and no less. There’s also no other third-party servers involved. For example, if you want Seoul Dynasty to win the Overwatch World Cup, you bet against other players whose bets are for Seoul Dynasty to lose. You own the game. - Bitcoin betting exchange

The participants involved will be the ones to set up the conditions of the game; all factors affecting your gains, stakes, and funds will be controlled by you. Before the game begins, you have two strategies or movements to choose from: “Back” or “Lay”. Placing a “Back” bet on a tournament means that you’re betting for an end result not to happen while placing a “Lay” bet simply means the opposite — you’re betting for an end result to happen.

With traditional sportsbooks, we can only do the “Backing” on their selections. “Laying” is actually what the bookmakers do when they take your bets. So if you place a “Lay” bet on a Bitcoin betting exchange, you’re acting like the bookmaker of the game. A traditional sportsbook also allows us to only see one pair of odds for each team competing, but Bitcoin Betting exchange provides the odds for each team as well as the odds for “Back” and “Lay” bets.