How to Buy Bitcoins

We know you’re excited and almost ready to bet on Overwatch. So if you already know what is Bitcoin and you finally found the perfect Bitcoin wallet, it’s time for you to know where and how to buy bitcoins.

Consider first the factors affecting its price. The value of Bitcoin fluctuates unexpectedly, and the rates are unpredictable day by day. Make sure you buy bitcoins when you think that it’s at its cheapest rate. If it happens to go down again, learning how to sell bitcoins will help you on your future investment.

Next is to find the most convenient method for you to get bitcoins. There are three ways:

Bitcoin ATMs

Special Bitcoin ATM machines look exactly the same as your normal ATM machines—physically, at least. Most are in New York and California but you can try exploring Bitcoin ATM maps online to find one near you. If it’s available, ready your cash and Bitcoin wallet address. The machine only accepts cash as a mode of payment.

You will need to accomplish the verification process, some require personal identification and mobile verification. Then you will provide your Bitcoin address, and wait 20-30 minutes for the transfer. You can’t withdraw bitcoins since it’s digital and doesn’t have a physical representation, your purchases will go directly to your Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin exchange sites

If your country doesn’t have a Bitcoin ATM, find the most reliable person or market to buy your bitcoins from since Bitcoin exchanges sites offer the easiest way to buy crypto coins. Do your research on Bitcoin exchange sites and apps and take down notes regarding their supported countries, payment methods, transaction fees, transaction speed, online reputation, buying limits, and market liquidity. Everything requires research and careful consideration when learning how to buy bitcoins because hackers and scammers are common thieves in the online world.

Register on the site or app–after you learn how to store bitcoins, of course–provide your Bitcoin wallet’s address and select the number of coins you want to buy. After the deal has been made, pay the person or the website itself via bank transfer, credit card or debit card, and any other payment methods provided by them. - How to buy bitcoins

Bitcoin Mining

An advanced and complex way of getting Bitcoin is through Bitcoin mining. This is not exactly part of your lesson on how to buy bitcoins because this is an acquisition of Bitcoin as rewards. Bitcoin mining verifies transactions and adds them all to the blockchain, and it’s the miners who do the job and get paid using bitcoins. Mind you, this may not be as enjoyable as betting on Overwatch, but it does allow users to create their own bitcoins in exchange for verifying transactions.