How to Sell Bitcoins

Soon, your Overwatch Bitcoin betting profits will increase and by the time it happens, you might want to learn how to sell bitcoins and start joining the profit-making esports industry. What is Bitcoin, you ask? Bitcoin is the safest, most secure, and most favorable investment opportunities available today.


Person to person transaction

Like the simplest process of how to buy bitcoins, this is the easiest way to sell Bitcoins because the process will only undergo between you and the buyer alone. If you find a buyer online or near your location, you must discuss the price, the place of meeting, and other important conditions. Also, consider the security of your funds by asking for some basic information about the person.

Bitcoin ATM machines

Aside from buying Bitcoin, you can also sell ones on local ATM machines near you. Register on the machine if you haven’t already. After that, the machine will provide you the current exchange rate, transaction fee, and QR code. You need your mobile phone for the scanning of QR codes and other verifications.

Bitcoin-exchange sites or apps

This is the fastest way to buy and sell Bitcoins because the platforms will do all the job for you, you just have to name your price. Find the most in-demand exchange sites or apps online and register. Some sites require you to create online selling advertisements to increase your listing. After that, choose a payment method, set your pricing, your limits, and write other considerations you want to set. - How to sell bitcoins


  • Negotiate the price – everyone already knows the uses of Bitcoin and what it is, but one must also be aware of local fluctuations in Bitcoin’s prices so you can negotiate when selling. You can even charge a fee on top of other processes you will undergo during the transaction. Some sellers normally add 5 to 10% charge.
  • Choose the safest meeting place – if you plan to meet the buyer, carefully choose the place. It has to be public, secure, and safe as both of you will be exchanging Bitcoin addresses.
  • Choose the most convenient payment method for you – check the speed of the transaction with the method you want to choose. Some transfers may take a long time, especially if the Bitcoins will be transferred from country to country.